Review 2015 Events

Every month we presented you in the theme week a personality that shaped the German-American relations. In this theme week we look back together with you on the happenings and events of our Association in 2015. You will see in this theme week many events and people that shape our association and the German-American relations.
Enjoy our review of 2015.

The heart of our association
The heart of our association are our members. In our regional groups we met distributed throughout Germany in a relaxed Atmosphere to have different current discussions around the German-American relations. In the picture below you can see a get together of the regional group Berlin / Brandenburg with a presentation by Dr. Felix Seidler about the policy of the NATO. Take a look at our “events” and be a part of one of our next “get together” nearby you.

Promote the debate
That’s our cue. With many attended events and lectures, for example, the Free Trade Agreement, the US presidential election or the American vision of the refugee problem: we participate in the transatlantic debate, thus promoting an active dialogue. An outstanding event for us was in July 2015 an event with Peter Klöppel. He talked about his moderation Marathon during the terrorist attacks of 09/11/2001. Breathtaking.

Visit the Russian Embassy
Another highlight last year was the visit to the Russian Embassy in Berlin. In April, we were guests at the diplomats in Berlin. Here we conducted controversial discussions and won another foreign policy point of view.

Apart from all the activities all over Germany, you can also find us on Facebook and in the Internet on our website  .
Our service ranges from topic weeks about Hannah Arendt, Roland Emmerich, Mark Twain or Levis to blog entries, where members publish comments on current events and issues. Check it out and bring yourself in. We look forward to you.

Talking Transatlantic
Live transatlantic friendship. These are integral parts of our association. We live and experience the transatlantic friendship every day anew.  Starting this year, we are also represented in Texas with a regional group. The picture shows a transatlantic visit to the Oktoberfest in San Antonio. Prost, Guys!

For the community life important
At our general assembly in Scharbeutz Jacob Schrot passed the baton of chairman to Jonas Emmerich. We are delighted that we can continue with a new chairman to the successful work and wish Jacob all the best on his way. As honorary chairman, he accompanied the club continues and supports actively.

The many small and large projects wouldn’t be possible without the many energetic members. We look forward to a steady membership growth. In 2015 alone, occurred in more than 200 new members and strengthen us as more than 500 members on both sides of the Atlantic. Representing all new members we welcome again Frauke-Sophie Nieskens (see picture below). She joined in 2015 and was a participant of this year’s Study Trip in the USA.

Study Trip
The highlight for our members this year was clearly the Study Trip. With 19 dedicated transatlantic friends we traveled for two weeks to the United States of America. From the World Bank through the United Nations up to the ZDF-Studio abroad. We spoke with government organizations, think tanks and non-governmental organizations in New York, Philadelphia and Washington D.C.
It was breathtaking. Would you like to join our next study trip?

A new year has dawned and we look back on a successful year 2015. It gave us a lot of fun and we’re looking forward to new projects in the New Year and to you, of course.