“Go West! – Bravely Into The Transatlantic Future”

CaliforniaDuring the last weeks we’ve been working hard on the annual Study Trip. Therefore we’re glad to present you our 2016 excursion to the United States.

Themed “Go West! – Bravely Into The Transatlantic Future” we are heading to California on September 3, 2016. For the first time we visit a federal state on the west coast, and it is not just coincidence that we’ve chosen the “golden state”. Like the Argonauts, adventurers and settlers in the Gold Rush, we leave our traditional transatlantic territory in and around D.C. and are willing to explore something new against all odds. It is because of that unique bravery of the free men and women that today’s California is still the initial point of ideas, technology and entrepreneurial spirit – Germans call that “Gründergeist”. That is why the focus during this Study Trip will be held on economy and culture. Although the German-American friendship is still based on what we’ve achieved in the past, we need this “Gründergeist” – the spirit of starting something new – to restore confidence in our two nation’s bond and to make this another transatlantic century. Therefore we are looking forward to taking a closer look on the presidential election.

Golden Gate BridgeIn the first week we will stay in San Francisco and leave only to visit cities like San Jose and Sacramento. Furthermore, our group will be breathing the fresh air of start-ups and technological innovation in the famous silicon valley. A short trip to the legendary Las Vegas makes it possible to marvel at the beautiful sights of the death valley and Yosemite National Park. Our destiny will be Los Angeles, including Hollywood and the city of San Diego near the Mexican border. On September 17, we will be looking back on a successful Study Trip.

If you are interested in joining us for the trip, please send us back the completed Application Form. We are looking forward having you on board for the 2016 Study Trip!