About us

A warm welcome!

We are the Young Transatlantic Initiative, a non-profit organization committed to strengthening cooperation between the younger generations of the European Union, the Federal Republic of Germany, and the United States of America.
We believe that the core of this unique partnership lies within the friendship among the people on both sides of the Atlantic. Therefore, besides political and economic topics, we emphasize the importance of civil society.
The discussions about the Future of the Transatlantic Partnership lacks strategic vision, passion, and a narrative for generations to come. While the Cold War provides the historical framework of the transatlantic partnership, we need to move beyond the collection of memories and towards an ambitious agenda for the future of Euro-Atlantic ties. The  Young Transatlantic Initiative is particularly concerned with one grand question: how will our partnership look like in 2045?
Our organization was founded on June 6, 2011, the anniversary of the landing of Allied forces in the French Normandy, marking the beginning of the end of terror and dictatorship in Europe. We consider our common history as the framework in which we build the transatlantic partnership for the next generation. As German Chancellor Willy Brandt once said: “Let the memory of the past become our mission for the future.”
We hope you enjoy our website! In case you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us under info@yti-us.org at any time!

You can learn more about our motivations in our Mission Statement.