Honorary President

 Jacob Schrot is the founder and the Honorary President of the Young Transatlantic Initiative. Between May 2014 and May 2016, Schrot was the President of the Federation of German-American Clubs. While having attended American University in Washington, DC, for a year to conduct research, he worked for the German Marshall Fund and the Congress of the United States, handling foreign affairs issues. His viewpoints on the German-American relations have been published by several newspapers and magazines and he participated in more than 100 panels on the transatlantic free trade agreement TTIP. He studied in the United States and in Germany and was a Konrad Adenauer Foundation fellow. In the summer of 2009, he won the ZDF show “Ich kann Kanzler”. Schrot is currently working at the German Bundestag for Dr. Stephan Harbarth, the Deputy Chairman of the CDU/CSU caucus and for Dr. Dietlind Tiemann, member of the CDU/CSU caucus.

I participate in the Young Transatlantic Initiative because Germany and the United States need to stand together as one in the 21st century as well. Throughout decisive waypoints, the United States stood on our side in the 20th century, such as when Germany was reestablished, when the integration with the West took place, and when Germany was reunified. We share the beliefs in freedom, democracy and human dignity – in a world that becomes increasingly unclear, we need to remind ourselves of what unites us and not alone discuss what separates us.